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JEE Advanced 2018 to have a separate merit list for girls

JEE Advanced 2018 to have a separate merit list for girls to honour the 14% female quota.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development, MHRD, wants to reduce the gender gap at Indian Institutes of Technology, IITs and promote higher education in women in the country. In order to achieve its goal, it has directed the IITs to increase admissions of female candidates. The IITs are asked to ensure that 14 percent of all the admissions done are of female candidates. According to the reports, IITs are asked to prepare a separate merit list for female candidates.

The above order has generated mixed responses. A lot of educationists worry that a separate merit list may hamper the rationale of meritocracy. A lot of male candidates are in a confused state of mind.

Let us understand what the 14 percent female quota and what it means for the male candidates.

The suggestion is to ensure a 14 percent quota by strictly filling supernumerary seats. Supernumerary means over and above, without changing the existing tally of the seats. The counseling process for JEE Advanced 2018 is explained below, provided the suggestion of MHRD is accepted by Joint Seat Allocation Authority, JoSAA.

  • The total number of seats across IITs would not be changed. The seats were last year increased to 11, 509 from 10,988. If the seats are not increased again this year, this would continue to be the minimum number of seats at IITs.
  • Admissions to various courses in IITs would be done on the basis of merit list prepared from JEE Advanced 2018 results.
  • IITs are required to ensure that at least 14 percent girls are hired in the batch. This includes the provision of creating a supernumerary seat for girls. For example, suppose an IIT has a total of 100 seats to offer. As per the JEE Advanced 2018 results, say 6 girls and 94 boys are invited for admissions. Now as per the provision, IIT is required to have 14 percent, female students. To fill the gap, IIT would then invite girl candidates from a separate girl only merit list to fill 8 seats. The number of boys, however, would remain constant and additional provision of 8 seats – over and above the 100 total, would be made.

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