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JEE Main 2018: Quick tips and tricks to crack exam

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Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main 2018 is just a week away and aspirants must have started their revision by now. Clearing this exam will get a seat in the top engineering colleges of the country like the IITs and NITs. 

Some quick advice

Focus on your strengths

The most important advice that can be given at this stage is: focus on your strengths. Find out the topics in each subject at which you are really good at. For an example, if you like maths, it is likely that you will automatically be good at most of physics and almost all physical chemistry. The key idea is to focus on some chapters that are given more importance than the others. Choose the chapters that the examiner gives a lot of importance. Some chapters that are important across the three subjects – physics, chemistry, and mathematics are Calculus, Mechanics, Atomic Structure, Bonding, Optics etc.

Solve previous year questions

In these last few days before the exams, make sure to look at question papers from the last few years and solve them.  Try to solve them & check the solutions to find the best way to solve it. This will give you a lot of confidence.

Eat well, sleep well, be conscious of time

The lack of sleep is your biggest enemy. Negative marking is a second. Stay relaxed in the days leading up to the exam, eat healthily, get enough sleep. This routine will really help you be your best self during the exam that you are targeting.

Shortcuts & Tricks

The goal here is not to attempt all the questions in the test, but to get all the questions that you attempt to be correct. Use as many tricks and shortcuts to get the correct answer. There is no marking for the steps so using tricks & shortcuts can be useful to save time. 

Revise 11th standard topics

One thing that students have mentioned in the past is the difficulty they face with 11th standard topics. The competitive exams like the JEE Advanced and Main exams test both – the 11th and 12th standard portions. It is highly likely that one needs a bit of a revision of the 11th standard topics and this is highly recommended. It is not that big a deal since most 12th standard topics build-up on ideas introduced in the 11th standard. So, do make sure to brush those up.

Mock tests and focus

Taking mock-tests help you focus on time management. You don’t want surprises on the final day. Mock tests will give you a sense of your exam readiness and will also help you realize your strengths which you can focus on.
Speaking of focus, while solving a question think about just that question, and nothing else. If you are stuck on a question for too long, move on! A balance of time management and focus in this manner will help you maximize your potential in unparalleled ways.

On the day of the exam – be calm, give it your best shot

Now, on to the day of the exam, reacht he center on time. All that is left, is for you to read the instructions carefully on the exam paper provided to you by the invigilator and have a go at it.

This is extremely important as you have done everything right so far, all you need to do is literally read the fine print. The thing with these exams is that they may throw a googly at you at the last moment – like introducing a format of questions that you may not have prepared for. 

Go get it guys! The world is yours.

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