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Top 6 interview tips for candidates preparing for IBPS PO

The number of aspirants appearing every year for the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officers(IBPS PO) exam is more than 20 lacs. With a limited number of vacancies available and so many candidates appearing together, cracking the prelims and mains is itself challenging and takes lots of efforts and dedication.

The candidates who are able to clear the prelims and mains of the IBPS PO bank exam are expected to be all set for the interview process. But before that, it is necessary to take a while and appreciate the success of clearing two phases of the IBPS exam. As you have cleared the first two important phases, you must be motivated about cracking the interview phase too.

But along with the motivation, you need a lot of preparation to perform well in the 15-20 minutes of the interview that might decide your career. Well, here is something that might help you a lot in giving your best shot in front of the interview panel.

Take a look at the 6 essential interview tips for the bank PO exam that can be fruitful for you.

First thing first. Know about the bank

Research is the vital key. You would have come up with a list of the banks that you prefer to choose. Go prepared for your IBPS PO interview with a thorough study of the bank. Visit the website, try to gain in-depth knowledge about the firm and the position. The more you know, the better it is always when the recruiter asks questions regarding the same.

Be confident, look confident

Dress makes half man and once you enter the interview cabin, your attire does a lot for you till the time you take your seat. Dress up in a decent way and put on your smart formals so that the first impression on the employer remains good. Once you look confident, it becomes easy for you to proceed and express yourself in a better way in your bank PO interview.

Let your bio-data speak for you

You have cracked the prelims and mains of IBPS exam and surely you would have prepared a suitable bio-data for your interview. Your bio-data should not just be clear enough to understand for the recruiter but should also leave a positive impact at the same time.

Mention all the specializations, skills, achievements and interests in an organized manner. Always remember that your bio-data allows the recruiter to ask the question which you want them to ask. So, do not forget to create a smart bio-data.

Stay updated

Bank exams and interviews do not revolve around queries related to banking only. You have to keep yourself updated about the daily current affairs also. An Interviewer may ask you a question, “Which part of the country do you belong?”. Once you have answered, he might come up with several questions regarding the recent activities happenings in your state.

Thus, you should be aware of the day-to-day happenings in your state, country and the world for getting through the IBPS PO interview. Reading newspapers, watching news channels and gaining knowledge about the activities happening in the past 4-6 months can always help.

Read and Rehearse

Knowing about the experience of candidates who have appeared for the interview and cracked the same is always a plus. You can easily know about the type of questions asked in the IBPS PO interview and the most appropriate answers for them. Along with this, it is always a good practice to rehearse for mock interviews.

It always helps you in getting familiar with the entire interview process, knowing your areas of improvement. Prepare for the most frequently asked questions in recent exams. It is always a plus to stay prepared with the FAQ.

Eat, sleep, stay fit, repeat

Often aspirants are so busy with their studies and preparation for the bank exam that they take meals at irregular intervals and also sleep for less time with a belief that it will give them more time to study. This is absolutely wrong as your body and mind needs proper rest to function and be productive.

You might just harm yourself by disturbing your schedule. So, ensure that you should never skip your meals and sleep for the sake of studying continuously. Along with this, a little exercise is always beneficial as it helps in keeping you fit mentally as well as physically.

With all these tips, always remember that the IBPS PO interview is not just about your educational qualification and your knowledge. It is also about how you present yourself confidently, your attitude, your spontaneity regarding various situations and many more. Prepare yourself accordingly and you will get through without any doubt.

Let your dreams have wings to fly!

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